Visit and Enjoy the splendor and magic of Istanbul

Although it is hard not to get dazzled by the grandeur and magic of Istanbul, we must not lose sight of the fact that the true capital of Turkey, Ankara, is far from the sea, in central Anatolia.

Visit and Enjoy the splendor and magic of IstanbulHe’s since become Atatürk this provincial town in the center of the secular republic capital in 1923. Still some feel that here is the heart of the Asian, traditional and conservative Turkey, as opposed to the modern and cosmopolitan Turkey other side of the Bosphorus.

There is still some of that old spirit in Ankara. As centuries, is still produced with soft angora goat wool, and there are exotic markets. Everything in the shade of large modern government buildings. For the traveler, Istanbul comparisons are inevitable but it would be an unforgivable mistake to dismiss the visit to Ankara on any route in the country.

Ulus area where even some Roman monuments erected, is the most modern. There is the famous Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. The old town, preferred by tourists who travel in search of the genuine, is the neighborhood of Hisar, enclosed within the Byzantine walls, from whose citadel (Gece Kondu, which can be translated as “built by night”) is get the best views of the city.

We must not fail to explore the rest of the city, getting lost in the busy streets of Kizilay, student, full of bars and cheap, or venture into restaurants Kavaklıdere Çankaya district to find the best of Turkish cuisine.

South Australia new way of Approaching the Underwater world

It is the Shark Watching in its safer and more comfortable version. A glass capsule is submerged under the ocean to meet the dreaded white shark.

South Australia new way of Approaching the Underwater worldThe capsule is transparent at the back of the boat picks us up at the dock in Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula, a particularly rich in aquatic life and which is, among other interesting destinations, the Natural Park Neptune Island, green and blue paradise to enjoy snorkeling and diving, besides having fun swimming and playing with the friendly sea lions.

Close encounters with sharks are certainly more problematic and require adequate infrastructure. The futuristic transparent capsules are an idea of Adventure Bay Charters, a tour operator to ensure completely safe diving excursions. The capsule has six seats and offers a 360 degree view. Much better than traditional cages and uncomfortable and more palatable to those who do not deal well with respirators and other instruments option.

The underwater excursion aboard these capsules is the simple and affordable for everyone otherwise. During the same we can also eat us a snack or have a beer without fear that a giant shark with sharp teeth take us over. Still, with all these dressings, the feeling remains exciting and a little scary. The adrenaline in our veins is beyond question.

The Memorial of the Shoah as Jewish History Museum

The Memorial of the Shoah, in the center of the city of Paris, is a museum devoted to the history of the Jewish people during World War II, a space that aims to extend a bridge between victims Holocaust and the men and women who lived through that dark period in modern history.

The Memorial of the Shoah as Jewish History MuseumThis documentation center, Center de Documentation Juive called Contemporaine (CDJC), is open to the general public, and has about 5 thousand square meters dedicated to the exhibition and various activities related to Jewish culture.

This space houses a multimedia learning center and a specialized library. These facilities also contain the Holocaust Memorial, a museum that tries to inform and educate visitors about the history of Jews in France and Europe during World War II, through a permanent collection and several temporary exhibitions.

The center of Jewish culture also offers its visitors various educational workshops and training activities aimed at both young people and adults (travel, summer schools, etc.), as well as meetings, debates, concerts between other.

The Barbican Centre is the Main art across Europe

A huge complex where major art forms including dance together, film, music, theater and visual arts in the same space. Located on the north side of the district of City of London, in the heart of urban complex Barbican Estate,

The Barbican Centre is the Main art across EuropeThis artistic center offers Londoners all kinds of events dedicated to art as classical and contemporary music, theater, art exhibitions and film shows.

The design center was conceived during the sixties in conjunction with the urban complex Barbican by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, one of the largest samples of brutality architecture of London architects. The opening of the center was officially made by Queen Elizabeth II in March 1982.

Inside this great artistic complex houses the concert hall Barbican Hall (1,943 seats), the room Barbican Theatre (1156), the auditorium Pit (200) Barbican Film rooms and two art galleries. Also the resort has other public facilities such as a library (Barbican Library), several conference rooms, exhibition halls and three restaurants.

Transformation in the History of Barcelona Tourism

A transformation better than boosted as the major world tourist destination it is today. The area where most were felt these changes for the better was the seafront.

Transformation in the History of Barcelona TourismAnd one of the great urban achievements was to convert an old and dilapidated dock at a new public space, now known as whip Moll.

A bascule bridges that save the barrier of Ronda del Litoral, which separates Barcelona from its waterfront, were key to “conquer” this new area of the city by the sea.

The next step was to fill the walk to restaurants and shops, bringing the whip Moll quickly become one of the great centers of Barcelona’s nightlife, especially in summer. Continue reading

The Guildhall is a Historic building

Currently the building is used as a ceremonial and administrative palace district City of London and its community corporation.

The Guildhall is a Historic buildingThe present building was begun in 1411 and completed in 1440, although throughout history underwent several renovations and reconstructions from the great fire of 1666 and the Second World War.

The municipal complex located in Cheapside and Basinghall Street District City of London is also home to the famous Guildhall room, other smaller rooms, including the main medieval crypts and ancient library with its press room facilities now used as meeting meeting for the municipality. The term Guildhall refers both to the entire building and its great hall similar to the historical rooms of major British universities medieval style.

Guildhall Art Gallery (Guildhall Art Gallery) was incorporated into the complex during the 1990s and Guildhall Museum Watchmakers Library is a public reference library that houses special collections including the material of the eleventh century onwards.

The emblematic Leadenhall Market

The district of City of London is the emblematic Leaden hall Market, a traditional covered market where once all meat is traded and which now houses various shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes.

The emblematic Leadenhall MarketThe origins of this market at this point of the ancient Roman London dating back to the fourteenth century, and later the old market which was largely destroyed in the Great Fire of XVII century.

The current glass and steel building dates from the Victorian era building designed in 1881 by architect Sir Horace Jones era. The main entrance of the market is in Grace church Street, near the Bank of England point, the Gherkin and Tower of London building. The double height entrance is flanked by a high tall and narrow gable gable in stark Dutch style.

Throughout the centuries the Leaden hall Market has survived changes of use, recreation, and even the great fire to actually become a popular destination for the city of London, where every day is visited by both office workers working in this area the City and tourists visiting this district of the British capital.

Galapagos Islands in Ecuador one of the Natural treasures

The fabulous corner Cracks. Small clear lakes shine with an almost unreal glow when the sun shines on them and, after several months closed to the public, tourists can revisit.

Galapagos Islands in Ecuador one of the Natural treasuresTo reach Cracks have to walk for about 15 minutes along the path leading from Academy Bay on Santa Cruz Island. Simpler is reached by sea with one of the small boats that leave from the dock of the Germans. Once there is an irresistible temptation to embark on this amazing swimming pool where freshwater springs mix with the salt water of the ocean.

Although this is not Acapulco, is very common to see travelers practicing swimming and spectacular dive from the top of the rocks. Besides tourists and adventurers in Cracks brings together many species of migratory and sea birds like pelicans and gulls lava. There are also iguanas, turtles, rays, sharks and sea lions, among other animals.

On the way to draw attention Cracks giant cacti, stunning vegetables that have evolved in the most amazing ways for light and as a way to defend land iguanas and giant tortoises lived centuries before this place and ate they.

Visit the Hotel de Bethune Sully As One best Palace

The Hotel de Bethune-Sully is presented as one of the most beautiful private mansions (hotel particulier) of the city of Paris.

Visit the Hotel de Bethune Sully As One best PalaceLocated in the heart of the historic district of Le Marais, this monumental building style Louis XIII (Baroque) was built in the seventeenth century, commissioned by Mesme Gallet, who built this palace whose garden and orangery give access to the old place Royale (now Place des Vosges).

Finance Minister Henry IV, Maximilien de Bethune, Duke of Sully, acquired the property in 1634, and was in charge of making final arrangements and decorations of historic Parisian mansion. The descendants of the Duke of Sully continued to dwell in the palace until the eighteenth century, a time from when the manor passed to different owners.

During the second half of the nineteenth century, the mansion is classified as a historical monument and begins the conservation interest, happening only in 1944 became part of the French state, which made numerous restoration until 1973, with the reconstruction of their yard winter (Orangerie). Since 1967, the Hotel de Bethune-Sully, hosted the National Fund for Historical Monuments and Sites, and then converted to the currently at the Center for National Monuments, administrative body of the French State.

Happens to be elegant capital Vienna Tourist destination

Filled with lights and ornaments, the city of Sissi, Mozart and Sachertorte is invaded by the scents and sounds of Christmas, especially in the many markets spread across the center, each more beautiful.

Happens to be elegant capital Vienna Tourist destinationIn Vienna, Christmas remains a fairy tale. No wonder here is the oldest Christmas market in Europe, the Wiener Christkindlmark, held since 1296. So it’s a matter of tradition and expertise, as reflected in the booths that display all its charm across from City Hall Vienna: candied fruits and gingerbread, lights climbing up the treetops and a children’s train that will delight the little ones.

The Royal Palace of Schonbrunn, must on any visit to the capital of Austria, exhibited during this time of year its impressive lighted Christmas tree, around which of course is another delicious installs specialized in crafts market, face another palace, that of Belvedere, there are more surprises to go quietly with a hot cup of Punsch (punch) or Gluhwein in hand.

More markets, all beautiful, all different in Maria-Theresien-Platz in Karlsplatz, in front of the Karlskirche monumental, market Volkstheater, surrounded by museums across Avenue Ring, the Hofburg in the distance, and of course the legendary Prater, the Danube. A feast for the senses and the heart.