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Providing the best services to Tourists

When solving those of Spain and France in this case the sum of Greece. Also before complaining we have to see that in this specific case is a claim for a best services to tourists. Thus drivers decided to demand international safety regulations to ensure the modernization of the service as well.

Following the above clarification, we now report that hundreds of flights were delayed in all Greek airports as a result of this sit-conducting air traffic controllers to request a service modernization. By working to rule can only fly the Greek airspace 44 flights per hour (much less than usual, hence the delays).

This situation occurs in the whole country from early Sunday until today evening. It is worth noting that already are 127 flights delayed and canceled 4. For those who need to fly know that the delay is between 15 minutes to 4 hours.

These protests were taken for an indefinite period and also affect Cypriot flights at two airports, Larnaca and Paphos, where yesterday was delayed 150 flights were canceled and 29 others.

Safety when Traveling during the Holidays

Have the feeling that is not going to happen. This is a reflection of our lack of experience or by an excessive dose of it irrational. We advise you not to wait until you have the first fright or accident, so we talk about all the security you needed. This will give you peace of mind, and the chances are that you take all the items and return unused. But better safe than sorry.

Baggage security must always be on board from the boat you buy and what you should check every time you leave to sail away, in difficult conditions, or expected bad weather.

It is very important to the state in which each element is also essential to know where everything is located and providing ready to use. For that reason, where to place them above and must be analyzed carefully. Every minute is precious and dangerous maneuver during a few minutes can be defining.

Very often you understate the extinguisher that is usually cast aside in a corner. But nothing can be lacking aboard and when you build a fire must act very quickly and without hesitation. Then, for the engine room and electrical system, must carry a fire extinguisher automatic halogen gas that does not harm the environment and does not affect the engine or electrical circuits.

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Doing Good planning before trip

You better plan the trip and can even make you change your mind. Did you know that some of the most expensive cities in the world are in the poorest countries? Obviously in these cases there is no correlation between quality and cost of living. The consulting firm Mercer has released its annual study on the cost of living and some of the top spots are very surprising.

Angola’s capital, Luanda, is the first in the list. In this city of 5 million people, a studio of 50 square meters can cost 2,000 euros a month. Because real estate speculation and oil, the city is growing very rapidly, but only benefit the few who can afford these outrageous prices. The second is more predictable, Tokyo. The city with the highest urban GDP in the world, is a leading global financial centers.

We returned to Africa, specifically to N’Djamena in Chad that is occupying the third place. Oil is once again responsible for the increased cost of living. And again, most people can barely survive. Moscow, the first European capital list is also a city of contrasts, great wealth coexist with people who barely have 150 euros a month to live and supporting exaggerated inflation.

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Cheap airline choices to suit the Current needs Travel

You know you should not buy products made from elephant or reptile skin, but often we forget the black coral or mahogany. Before traveling it is good that you find out what animals and plants are protected and considered at the site of Conservation International Trade in Endangered Species.

Choose specific airlines. Airlines with a good record of punctuality reduce traffic and pollution because their planes spend less time in the airport pitas burning gasoline according to the Green Paper. Check the accuracy of the airlines before choosing one.

Fly direct. A jet produces about 0.4 tons of carbon dioxide per passenger per flight and burn most of the fuel to take off. You can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions associated with aircraft booking direct flights whenever possible.

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Exciting Halloween night held in America

Disneyland Paris is celebrating since 2 October and will continue until November 1. The shows and evening activities are transformed and there are surprises around every corner of the park. Also organized a party full of scares, jokes and fun. On October 31 attractions exceptionally open until 1 am. If you’re really scared, be aware that it is a playground and think that at all times the welfare of children.

Also from the past two days, the Warner Park in Madrid, has disguised Halloween. Every weekend until November 1, children and adults can spend a day of fear. The activities are transformed and the Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo move between ghosts and pumpkins. There are spaces reserved for adults who want to feel terror. Even the cuisine will be themed.

In Salou lead from the living Halloween September 25. Port Aventura is terrifying until November 21, if you add up the dates of the bridge, you can go another weekend. As in all cases, the shows are transformed and have told us they really worth it. You can benefit from the special poromociones, and get up to 50 percent discount on tickets + hotel package.

If traveling with children, another option is to live this party at Legoland in Windsor or in Germany. From 16 to 31 October, the young men turn into monsters or wizards. There will be music, trick or treating and all the fear necessary to have fun with the kids.

You can find out the deals and special packages for those days when your travel agency.

Tips on traveling with Cruise

When traveling in cruise. It’s 10 most important things you can not forget. You have to be in the port after hours before the ship undertakes the trip, please have your voucher and documents. Do not forget that the documentation must be current and be aware that these documents may vary according to the country of arrival.

Surely retain their documents when you’re embarking to make more agile the process of migration. Before landing you return all documents submitted. If the cruise is scheduled to have a gala night must have suitable clothing to go, I mean a suit if you are a man and a beautiful evening dress for women.

I do not recommend that in your luggage not bring alcoholic beverages, usually with very good sense, cruise companies retain these drinks until the end of the trip.

On cruises no smoking except in designated areas especially, or private balconies.

Optional excursions are not included in the cruise price and are charged separately. Other costs that are not included are alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, gratuities and casino games (if the boat has one).

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A new offering of online travel agents

That while large companies still continue to close offices sector, the tourism money keeps moving so the bet has now moved to the Internet. That is the scenario that arises Club Santa Monica.

We speak of an agency private online travel sales. And what is this? use as an agency that offers its members the ability to make any trip with great discounts and exclusive prices, though, are active only for people who are registered on their website and for a short time.

They’re kind of travel outlet, a growing business in which companies are thriving or more. Not long ago we told you about ViaVip, a company that follows this same form to gain customers and market began to open.

For Club Santa Monica we have a retail travel agency and promotion of leisure activities, which was founded with the objective of identifying and offering its members the best proposals of holiday travel market. Its engine is internet and so say its leaders who claim that this medium is “the most innovative and comprehensive information and satisfy their dirty”.

Company founded by Spanish totally Juan Dominguez, the creator and portal, and Miguel Angel Jimenez, former CEO of the portal and its partner eBookers Spain. Although now officially presented, this club has been running since last June and counts among its ranks with more than 100,000 members. This means that although you do have to walk member ready to catch the best deals.

Travel websites are very interesting for natural areas

Launched by the UN Program for Environment (UNEP) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The website is named “Protected Planet” and its goal is to try to promote tourism to 150,000 protected sites worldwide.

This project uses the latest images taken by satellites on the various world’s protected areas, such as national parks and marine reserves, also offering some details on species that are endangered, plant life or animals and terrain types, and other information that may be of interest to the user.

On the website of “Protected Planet” visitors will also have the ability to upload pictures from their trips to different protected areas worldwide, as well as travel diaries and recommend to others which are the best places to visit in each area . This information may also be shared via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

The idea of this project is to achieve through the web, more travelers are interested in visiting these places yet, “help provide income to communities, often poor, who live in the vicinity of these protected areas “.

According to UN data, the tourism industry is growing and currently captures about 77,000 million dollars, equivalent to about 55,700 million euros worldwide and is expected to increase much over time.

Fun and colorful carnival in Rio De Janeiro

Jose Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands. These islands are for tourism. They can dive, snorkel or simply get in touch with the more exotic nature. You can walk through the mangroves and palm trees found in the mountains. This is a place of choice for luxury yacht owners, can also be reached by ferry from Tortola and St. Thomas. Keeping your environmental awareness places to stay are few and exclusive.

Another place where you might want to be right now is in the joyous and colorful Carnival in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil). You can spend hours and hours dancing samba. This carnival is known for being the largest in the world and even these in time to go, because it takes out the first days of February. But if you prefer to stay away from crowds, do not discard visit Rio, as you can find thousands of miles of beaches and islands very quiet. Water is an incredible blue. Also this place has many places to stay, which vary in price and quality.

And finally, and just for today, I’ll talk a little bit of Margarita Island (Venezuela). It is a paradise that is only 23 kilometers northwest coast of this country. Besides enjoying the beaches you can shop in complete and exclusive shopping center. Margarita Island is the choice for Europeans looking to enjoy wide and sunny beaches. You can practice kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing. If you like the nightlife, this place will leave you satisfied with the quality and variety of bars and nightclubs.

Tips for Great Florida Disney World Holidays 2012

There’s no better holiday to kids that a holiday to Disney World in Florida. Disney World holidays 2012 offers are all over the Internet, its becoming a popular holiday for UK families during the school holidays. With so many sights to see, it pays to plan ahead and look for some tips to make sure you get in as much as you can on your holiday while avoiding as many of the crowds as you can.

The Magic Kingdom is the main Disney Park and certainly the most popular. It gets extremely busy during the summer months. Expect long wait times, especially for the popular rides. Bring plenty of water, wear cool, loose clothing and comfortable shoes. It’s really tempting to try and see it all but the park is HUGE. For most visitors, it takes full two days to see everything the Magic Kingdom has to offer.

If you are planning on visiting a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom or any of the Disney parks on your Disney World holidays 2012, have lunch at the park instead of dinner. The food is the same, just cheaper. In fact, visit the park as soon as it opens to avoid as much of the crowds as possible and you’ll find that you are very hungry by lunch. You can spend the hottest part of the day in air=conditioned comfort and you’ll be refreshed for an afternoon of fun. Just plan for the heat and crowds and you’ll have a good time.