Visit Rome

If you want to enjoy the good weather this spring 2011 in one of the best areas in the Mediterranean, you can not miss visiting Rome. If you do not know when to get away, let’s plan a great weekend in Rome, so that in two days you can see the highlights of this wonderful city.

To begin we have to start looking for a good hotel in downtown Rome is all that we visit.

We stay at the wonderful NH Vittorio Veneto, a very central hotel close to the gardens of Villa Borghese and the exclusive shopping and nightlife around Via Veneto.

Its location is ideal because it is very close to important monuments that should not be missed as the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Imperial Forum, the Via Condotti, Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Barberini and others.

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The Rights of Tourists to Hire a Trip

As we prepare to hire our travel agency, we must always bear in mind that we have a number of rights as clients of a service. Like when we buy an item or garment in a store, as consumers of a tourism product if we claim that our journey does not meet the required conditions.

Under the Code of Tourism, the travel agency is responsible for the performance of the services under the contract (transport, accommodation …). If these conditions are not met, the seller must refund the customer journey and indemnify. For this reason, it is necessary to claim where deemed that the service has not been met.

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Bali and Traditional Dances


Bali is the first tourist destination in Indonesia and one of the favorites to make a trip to this area, being the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda islands but also the best known, over Solor, Adonara, flowers or any other, and fifth in extent.

This island is protected by coral reefs and is the highest point on Mount Agung, where the Temple Besakih, Bali’s main temple, where it is said that when the gods are come down to earth.

The Bali Museum collects historical artifacts, art and archeology, where you can meet some of the history of Bali, a site composed of a melting pot of cultures and a distinct religious vocation. Also check Kintamani the center of the island of Bali. Or even closer to Lake Bartan. In Bali you can find many sites.
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Travel Tips for Paris

Although one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Paris is locking many mysteries for visitors. We’ve already discussed some of the unusual side of the City of Light, but if you start from the beginning to plan your visit, consider the following tips.

Although the Spanish can seem distant, Parisians tend to be quite sociable and friendly. To interact with them or get information, please use your best smile and use keywords to help you make you understand, ‘bonjour’, s’il vous plaît ‘and’ merci ‘.

Hours: Shops are generally open from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday. Sunday is the Sabbath, and one day a week, the ‘night’, department stores stay open until 9 pm. The museums open at 9 am and close between 5 and 6 pm. The lunch time is usually from 12 noon to 2 pm, and dinner from 8 to 10.
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How to Pick a Good Tour Guide?

How to Pick a Good Tour Guide

Choose Travel and Holidays

There are numerous websites available for your vacation or travel guide. These can give a lot of useful information if you want to travel to South America, Europe, Asia, or even a little known place in a beautiful coastline.

All Internet sites and guide books or holiday typically offer all this and more. When you’re planning a holiday in the United States, keep in mind that most states and many municipalities have websites that provide extensive information about the most interesting areas to visit in your state. These websites will indicate the best time to visit, news on the best hotels and the best restaurants that are there to please your stay.

From many NV limousines companies in LV area there are very few that able to provide wide selection of luxury vehicles for any occasion.

The Guide

A quality travel guide includes the best places for your holiday along with a brief review of the hotels with their qualifications. These ratings are usually made by a rating service and reliable hotel reviews of the best are information on pricing, availability and services provided in the room. Occasionally you may come across a comment posted by a recent guest. Note that a negative review might have happened due to a minor disagreement. Some Internet sites let you book a room or provide a link to a website that lets you make a reservation.
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Factors To Consider Before Travelling For Holiday 1n7r

Holidays are important for everyone; it is up to you to make sure your employees go on holiday at least once in a year. This reduces the risk of burn out is important in keeping the employees motivated to work and most of all productive. However, it is your own prerogative to go on holiday to spend some time with family and loved ones. Once you decide to go on holiday, a few things need to be considered to ensure that your trip is memorable for all the right reasons. Here is your checklist to ensure that you are visiting the right place for your holiday:

  • Security

Many governments give travel advisories to their citizens posting the places they should not go due to security concerns despite the beauty or fame. Some cities are beautiful but notorious for crime against tourists, cities such as Rio de Janeiro are known for violence against tourists despite the beauty it has. It is therefore, vital to check the security situation of the country before you go and find yourself in a fix.

  • Amenities

Amenities are another important consideration; you will need to be comfortable so that you can enjoy your holiday. This means that wherever you go on vacation, you will need to have the best amenities for you and your family. These include water, lavatory and bathrooms. You might also need to go to a town or country where medical standards are at par or almost at par with international standards.

  • Travel documents

It is important to ensure that your travel documents are in order so that you can travel with ease because you will not be allowed to travel without the proper documents. Get the visa to the country you are travelling to and make sure you have your flight tickets with you at all times. Get a tour guide in the country or a package that offers tour guides so that you can ensure that the trip will be worth it. A tour guide in a foreign land like when you travel to Cancun can be of great help.

  • The destinations reputation

You want to go to a town with a good reputation for its hospitality and good tour sites such as those found when you travel to Cancun. Reputation supersedes the beauty of a tourist destination more than everything does. It is necessary to go to a place with a good reputation to make sure you enjoy your vacation. Do your research on the location you would wish to go and ensure that you are going to the right place.

The purpose of doing Journey in Search of Happiness

Although sleep with distant countries and unexplored destinations, sends life and my situation does not allow me, for now, to go too far from home many days.

Still I managed to make a safe journey filled me great moments and lasting memories:

The Baltic and its capital has been one of my most desired destinations for a long time and I have prepared a route through the Baltic to my air quench my thirst traveling for a while ….

As you know I like to organize my trips myself, with only the help of the Internet and other travelers experience … (well ok, a written guide Lonely Planet type also helps me a lot). There is so much in the “cloud” on trips I could spend hours reading about the destination but neither is the case because I like improvisation and surprise.

See Baltic Adventure in a larger map

I will fly for the first time in my travels with Ryanair (I’m a bit of “juju” but hopefully not as bad as painted!) Toward the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, to spend a few days. I guess I walk upon its charming old town, Gamla Stan, I will visit a museum, you probably Vasa Museum or Skansen, see the city’s subway art, I might have a drink at Absolut Ice Bar, the famous ice bar, or sail boat for its 14 islands and over 50 bridges. What is good is that I will enjoy one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe.

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Various interesting journey from the city and the State

Every day I have to travel lighter crowns you with experience, you improve as a person and is a unique way to learn about life and about human behavior.

In my channel on Facebook and have been hanging some pictures that surprised me and now I leave the abstract photographic curiosities that I caught with my camera and my attention during my trip:

- Park lost gloves, Tampere, Finland. The gloves have been lost adorning the fence of the park in the center of Tampere. I believe and lead even to decorate the fence of the park …

- Pate bear. Vantaa, Helsinki Airport. Know but do not know how the original really is! Also had elk and reindeer. I am satisfied with the foie lifetime!

- A very original clothesline. Helsinki. I have to admit that I had never seen a clothesline-curious artwork and original. I was surprised and I could not help you some photos.

- Watch out for the reindeer. The more traffic signal light of Finland liked it so much I had to stop the car to photograph. What we did not see were the reindeer ..

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Charm attracted the interest Inviter Lisbon Tourism

Steep slopes or in disrepair cobblestones that make moving through the streets cost more than desired. Despite all this, if you are planning your visit / s son / s, do not doubt for a moment that this beautiful city has to offer, in addition to its charming neighborhoods, spectacular lookouts, ancient monuments and a unique cuisine, many attractions where Younger guests will enjoy.

Here are some ideas:

1. Nations Park

This modern area away from the city center next to the Tagus, was born with the Expo 1998 and offers space for children and a multitude of attractions such as a cable car with good views, a shopping center, the oceanarium, restaurants, parks and playground, rentals Bicycle and several pavilions which house various museums such as the Live Science. A good place to get away from the bustle of downtown.

2. Lisbon Oceanarium

The second aquarium in Europe, with over 15 000 450 living species, is one of the biggest attractions of the city for children and adults. The large central aquarium is worth seeing, which impressed his great sharks or penguins. A must if you have children of any age, I took advantage of a rainy day to visit and left happy.

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Telecommunications tower sites in Germany

The former German Democratic Republic (GDR), decided to build a telecommunications tower that would be visible from anywhere in the city, to show her neighbor far I could go his power and superiority. Was 365 meters high and it took four years to complete, for the pride of East Germany.

Once demolished the famous wall of shame and the reunification of the two Germanys, one went on to become a symbol of Berlin, and today is one of the most visited attractions with more than one milllon visits a year. It is the fourth tallest building in Europe and at its peak has an area that serves as a lookout and restaurant. Impressive to see the city at your feet and see how small we really are. It said an anonymous “life did not measured by the number of times we breathe, but by the places and moments that take our breath.” For me this is one of them …

The peculiarity of the tower is at its revolving restaurant, every 30 minutes at 360 degrees, without leaving your desk, you can see Berlin from all angles.

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El Cid Vacations: Offer luxurious vacation holiday for the whole family

Vacation is a perfect time for the family to bond together and a vacation is more meaningful if spent at the top rated vacation getaway. When it comes to vacation of a lifetime, you should leave it in the hands of one of the most prestigious vacation clubs in the world, El Cid Vacations. The club offers luxurious vacation experience at a very reasonable price.

El Cid functions in partnership with leading hotels, clubs, and resorts. Each vacation destination makes sure that the customers will have an excellent vacation experience. Each of the vacation room is created to perfection and every property has a beautiful and inviting landscaped garden. In other words, every detail of the vacation destination is meticulously designed to meet the required perfection as expected by the visitors. So if you are searching for a vacation getaway that you will remember for a lifetime, then you should consider El Cid Vacations.

El Cid Club also offers various activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. If you are a beach lover, then you can spend your vacation at El Cid’s Hotel Marina El Cid Spa Beach Resort. If you love golfing, then there is a nearby El Cid Granada Country Club that allows you to enjoy golf and play tennis at the same time. All of these amenities are situated in Mazatlan. The kids can also ponder at the large swimming pools. As a matter of fact, there is also a large infinity pool that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

If there is one great thing offered by El Cid, it is the fact that it offers delightful Mexican cuisines. If you love Mexican foods, then you can find it all at El Cid Vacation Getaways. There are also international cuisines that can be enjoyed by both young and olds. The foods are prepared and cooked by international chefs to make sure that foods suit your discriminating taste.

When it comes to quality services, no one can match the standards set by El Cid. The staff and personnel are highly trained to make sure that they would only offer excellent quality services that will leave the guests feeling satisfied and contented. Because of the top rated services offered by El Cid, the guests will be able to go home with big smiles on their faces. An unforgettable once in a lifetime experience starts at El Cid.


Traditional Spanish cuisine that Inspires Taste

The restaurants we visited were selected by some bloggers recommendations and reviews of good friends so it was almost assured success. Although there are many good restaurants around town I leave my top 5 including:
1 Eating in Cordoba: 5 places to enjoy

Exterior of Mosque

- One of the best known and essential place in Córdoba is Taberna Salinas, a busy place and acclimated where traditional cuisine is an art. Oxtail, traditional stews, gazpacho, flamenquín rich buds incoming local and seasoned … Everything in this place is worth it and it never disappoints.
As I knew I preferred to visit new local gastronomic broaden my horizons but could not stop reccomend this good place. Price 25 euros.

Dining Taberna Salinas

- A short distance from the central Plaza del Potro is Plateros Society Tavern, a restaurant with character where his host, Bordallo Manolo and his team makes you feel like home. The restaurant, founded in 1931 is so great that you can choose to eat in the cozy terrace or in one of its various halls.

Here you can taste more than 20 varieties of cod, their specialty, besides Cordoba cuisine. Tried cod with chickpeas, with ratatouille (too salty) and a rich eggplant lasagna and cod. Also tasted the flamenquín (a classic in Cordoba), and some whitebait salmorejo I have to say they were not as in my country …. All tasty and good value.
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The beauty during a visit to the capital of Sweden

As you know, travel things do not always go as you have planned (quite the contrary) because my intention was to make an excursion to Birka, the Viking city of Sweden’s oldest dating back to the ninth century. My confidence made me rush to the last day to get to the pier next to City Hall, I realized that I had been on the ground since to go to Birka the only ship out daily 10:00 am. With so glaring and unforgivable failure on my part (I pointed the error) I decided to go to plan B and go to visit other historic site: Drottningholm or the Island Queen. Stockholm City Hall Stockholm: a tour of the Lake Malaren and the Drottningholm Palace.

City of Stockholm

Taking advantage of the boats and the tickets are just off, I recommend Stadshuset visit, the beautiful City of Stockholm with its magnificent golden spire and where you have great views of Gamla Stan, the old town. Composed of more than 8 million bricks and a tower of 106 meters high, is one of the most popular buildings in the city. They offer guided tours in several languages (including Spanish) for 10 euros to several hours a day.

And finally we got on a steamboat flirty and in less than an hour giving a wonderful walk along Lake Malaren, we face the Drottningholm Palace, a seventeenth-century architectural gem that will delight fans of the palaces , luxury and glamor.
Stockholm: a tour of the Lake Malaren and the Drottningholm Palace.

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Passion during a visit to the City of Malaga

The Malagamania  a space in which we’ll talk about my hometown and where I will try to give you a flavor of what Malaga offers visitors. For the premiere I have gathered some ideas and views that I think are important at home as they reflect the feel Malaga, for what I hope will be useful to anyone who decides to visit my beloved city.

These are my recommendations (totally biased and based on my experience as Malaga) of things that should not be missed if you come to the capital of the Costa del Sol (I guess everyone will have their preferences, otherwise normal thing). So I encourage you to comments what for you is also essential for any visit to Malaga and make together a list of interesting things you can not miss to enjoy it, which ultimately is what it is.

For now I think that / those that do several of these 50 visits will be in my city a good memory:’s famous monuments, walks, beautiful gardens, places with history, fine dining, museums, festivals …. and all that I enjoy most representative for Malaga, a city that has changed its look and surprisingly everything offered historical care.

View of the bay of Malaga

1. A walk along Calle Larios, the main artery of the historical center.
2. Visit the “Manquita” his historic Renaissance Cathedral.
3. Order a coffee as do Malaga: cloud, shadow, half, short …
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Ibiza is one Vacation destination Images

The top vacation destinations chosen either by young people seeking fun and the best night as families who wanta to enjoy the best beaches in the world. It is no surprise that reservations for flights to Ibiza are the most required and that have grown over the previous year of the Balearics.

For this summer season and compared to the above, there are 13.4 percent more reserves and when you consider that the average tourist spending is 103 euros per day, it is transferred to good profits for the municipality. According to the Councillor for Tourism, Pepa Mari, the recovery of the island is faster than the rest.

Also worth noting that reservations for airlines operating at the airport of Ibiza between the months of March and October also grew by 13.4 percent over the previous year, followed by freshly Menorca with an increase of 6.5 Mallorca percent and 3.5 percent.

The reality is that most of the low cost airlines have flights at low prices to visit Ibiza and this added to its wide range of hotels where you will find luxury suites to give yourself room for 12 euros makes this a unique destination.